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What are the components of lead-free solder and how to keep it better

Time:2021-05-12 17:41:52

Components of lead-free solder

The main metal elements as an illustration: tin, copper, iron, arsenic, zinc, aluminum, etc.

Among them, arsenic, zinc, and aluminum are the secondary components, and their proportions have been formulated in accordance with the general solder industry. Lead-free tin bar manufacturers must strictly control the content of these impurities to help customers achieve better tinning effects.

Therefore, we usually say that common tin-copper lead-free components are mainly composed of tin and copper, and the quality is determined by whether the impurity content is well controlled.

1. The amount of slag after melting is less than that of ordinary solder, and it has excellent oxidation resistance;

2. After melting, the viscosity is low, the fluidity is good, and the solderability is high, which is most suitable for the wave soldering process;

3. Since there are very few oxidized inclusions, it can minimize the phenomenon of sharpening and bridging, the welding quality is reliable, and the solder joints are bright and full

Main items of lead-free solder

1. Lead-free solder is a chemical product, mixed with a variety of chemical components, and is not edible;

2. During the soldering process, part of the smoke produced by the contact between the tin in the tin furnace and the soldering flux will cause irritation to the human respiratory system, and prolonged or repeated exposure to the exhaust gas may cause discomfort, so ensure that the work site is ventilated Good, the welding equipment must be equipped with adequate exhaust devices to exhaust the exhaust gas;

3. Eating, drinking, smoking are not allowed during the work, and you must wash your hands with soap or warm water after work before eating;

4. Although the product's solvent system has a high flash point, it is still flammable. Avoid getting close to the fire source. If you accidentally catch fire, use carbon dioxide or chemical dry powder fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. Never use water to extinguish the fire.

How to save lead-free solder

1. The solder bars are stored in a ventilated and dry place to avoid moisture;

2. The tin furnace is connected to a ground wire, please make sure to connect it, and ensure that the grounding is good for safety;

3. The tin furnace should be kept dry, and the solder bars should not work in damp or rainy environments;

4. The tin furnace should be placed steadily, and no flammable objects and other objects can be placed within 0.5M around;

5. The operator should use goggles and exothermic gloves when using the soldering tin furnace;

6. In use, pay attention to avoid foreign matter falling into the dissolving tin pot to prevent accidents;

7. When using, the tin furnace shell has a temperature of 50°-80°, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to the high temperature, and do not touch the shell;

8. After using the solder bar, turn off the power supply, and do not turn on the tin furnace to heat up when unattended.